Get Involved

Campaign Contributions

Political campaigns are expensive. I’m running for Township Mayor because I think we can do better than we have in the past, with a fresh, new vision for this community. 

Would you like to contribute to help me win?

New election rules allow candidates to accept donations of up to $1,200 from any private individual or corporation. Those rules also apply to how much I can contribute, of my own money, to my own campaign.

Signs, advertising, town hall meetings, and meet-and-greet events are just a few of the campaign essentials your donation would fund. 

You can find my platform  at, but here are just a few of the issues I’m concerned about:

  • Careful, thoughtful planning and more responsible community development.
  • Protecting and preserving our environment, aquifers, farmland, and the ALR.
  • Public safety, community services and infrastructure such as roads, hospitals, and schools that are challenged and stressed beyond capacity.

If you share some of these concerns, please consider contributing to our funds. 

If you are not in a position to do so, you can help get the word out by sharing this page with friends and family within the Township, and encourage them to vote on October 20, 2018. 

Two Methods

1. Electronic bank transfer (etransfer) sent to No banking information is exchanged. Your donation arrives via email and is deposited directly into my campaign account.    

2. Cheque payable to “Anna Remenik Candidate.” Please be sure to include the words “Campaign Donation” in the memo line on the cheque. We will pick up the cheque directly from you – just phone or email with pick-up details.

Thank you in advance for your kind consideration and contribution.

Every bit helps.