A New Future, A More Balanced Approach

Township voters are concerned with rapid development and the issues that come with that growth.

It’s time to address unsustainable development, poor infrastructure, increased crime,
and community services that are challenged and over capacity.

We need a vision that puts first and foremost the quality of life for residents who are already here,
as well as success and prosperity for farmers and businesses within this Township.

We need to  preserve and value the ALR, and our environemtally sensitive natural resources.
In addition, we now have considerable strain on community resources. We need to provide for the growing needs of Firefighters, Paramedics, Police, and Hospitals, as well as Schools and Infrastructure, resulting from the exponential increase in population.


It’s clear we need a more balanced approach.

Businesses, Artisans, Farmers

Supporting and promoting Langley's wide variety of unique businesses.

Equestrian Facilities, Artisans, Wineries, Traditional Heritage Farms, and fabulous Farm to Table events, just to name a few. Shop local and support your local businesses - the benefits to your community are exponential.

Sustainable Development

Creating environmentally sustainable, vibrant communities.

Careful, thoughtful planning and responsible community development.

Farming, Aquifers, and ALR

Protecting and preserving our
environment, farmland, and the ALR.

No ALR exclusions. Supporting our farmers with innovative Land Matching options, which provide an opportunity to connect existing or retiring farmers and new generations of farmers. Protecting groundwater sources to ensure ongoing, quality water for irrigation.


Effectively managing and valuing
our natural resources.

Tree retention and preservation, protecting our aquifers, wildlife, and environmentally sensitive areas.

Public Safety and Infrastructure

Prioritizing public safety
and preserving our quality of life.


Providing for the growing needs of  Firefighters, Paramedics, Police, and Hospitals, as well as Schools and Infrastructure, resulting from this exponential increase in population. Engineering strategies to improve traffic flow and safety.

Public Service

Public service, based on meaningful consultation, active listening, and solutions through respectful dialogue.

I believe it’s extremely important to have a well-functioning council.  One that listens to the people and can sit down and discuss things in a rational manner in order to utilize the individual strengths of council members and come to a  win-win situation when faced with issues they don’t agree upon.